Redneck Rosteen
Redneck Rosteen in Feburary 2016
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler/Podcaster
Age 48
Status Retired
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 252 lbs

Redneck Rosteen is a retired wrestler, AAW Hall of Famer, and is now a podcaster for TheMWNetwork.

Rosteen gained significant mainstream popularity in the AAW in the late 1990s as a disrespectful, pot-smoking antihero who routinely defied the establishment and his boss, company chairman Lance Monaco; this persona of Rosteen's has been described as the "poster boy" of the Attribute Era, a boom period in AAW business in the late 1990s and early 2000s that was attributed as one of the biggest factors in helping the AAW win the ratings war against their competition Maple Leaf Grappling (MLG).

Addressing his box office drawing power, Monaco and former AAW executives Butch Sanders and Hustle Hayes have declared Rosteen to be the most profitable wrestler in the history of the organization. Sanders asserted: "Nobody touches Rosteen... No-one generated more cash in the length of their AAW career". Industry veterans and multiple-time AAW Champions Perry Class, Jimi Sierra and Slam Dunk have each named Rosteen as the biggest star in AAW history, and, along with Monaco, have stressed that he surpassed the popularity of Hank Slogan. Rosteen also devised the long-standing "Huh?" chant in Mpire wrestling.

Rosteen held 21 championships throughout his wrestling career; he is an eight-time AAW Champion, a two-time AAW Intercontinental Champion, and a four-time AAW Tag Team Champion, thus making him the fifth Triple Crown Champion in AAW history. He was also the winner of the 1996 Ruler of Wrestling tournament, as well as the 1997, 1998, and 2001 Rapture Rumbles, making him the only three-time winner of the event. Furthermore, under The Jewelwinner moniker, he was awarded the unsanctioned Trillion Dollar Championship by the "Trillion Dollar Man" Mr. Benjamins.

He has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for the AAW, including three GrappleManias (XIV, XV, and X-Seven). He retired from in-ring competition in 2003 due to a series of knee injuries and a serious pelvus injury. Throughout the rest of 2003 and 2004, he was featured as the Co-General Manager and "Sheriff" of Monday Night Rough. Since 2005, he has continued to make occasional appearances, and was inducted into the AAW Hall of Fame in 2009 by Lance Monaco. In 2016, Rosteen began hosting The Redneck Rosteen Show for TheMWNetwork.

Finishing Moves

As Redneck Rosteen:

  The Stoner (Sitout Jawbreaker)

As "Ravishing" Rosteen:

  The Redneck Rope Drop (Flapjack dropped onto the top rope)

As The Jewelwinner

  The Trillion Dollar Dream (Cobra Clutch) -- adopted from Mr. Benjamins

Signature Moves

As Redneck Rosteen

  Back body drop

  Knife-edged chop

  Leapfrog body guillotine

  Mudhole Stomp (Multiple stomps to the chest of an opponent seated in the corner, with theatrics)[96]


  Pointed elbow drop, sometimes from the second rope

  Running lariat

  Sleeper hold


  Stomp to the opponent's groin

  Thesz press followed by multiple punches


As "Ravishing" Rosteen

  Jobber Drive and Vine (Standing figure-four leglock)

  Knee drop

  Pointed elbow drop, sometimes from the second or top rope

  Sleeper hold

  That's a Blunt (Modified figure-four leglock)

  Vertical suplex

Tag teams and stables

The Vicious Alliance

The Jobber Drive Fair-Hairs

The Trillion Dollar Corporation

The Affiliation

The Action Rush


Hustle Hayes

Col. Richard Peters

Mr. Benjamins

Tome Stone





"The (Redneck) Rattlesnake"

"The Toughest Son of a Bitch in the AAW"