Mike Fantastic is a promiment roster member of UKW: Brawl Britannia. He was the first ever UKW World Champion, though his title reign lasted only a few months before he dropped the belt to Rafe Daniels.


Fantastic's current look.

First UKW Run: Early 2011 - Mid 2012Edit

Fantastic joined UKW from the Wrestling School after impressing visiting scouts, and signed a contract almost straight away. After some supplemental training, he made his UKW debut in the World Title Battle Royal- along with the rest of the roster- entering at number six and shockingly eliminating Rafe Daniels to win.

Initially a face with a deep connection to the fans, Fantastic soon began showing an arrogant streak; as shown when he betrayed The Cowpoke during his Inter Title Cage match with Backstab, where he speared Poke back into the ring and allowed Backstab to escape. He feuded heavily with Rafe Daniels over the World Title, though Fantastic always seemed to come out on top in their bouts. Daniels eventually prevailed at UKW: Seeing Stars, beating Fantastic backstage after he refused to come down to the ring.

Fantastic took a short haitus following this, returning as a face to help during the Double A invasion. Despite his main event status, his appearences during the invasion were limited by injuries and his only actual match before Hollywood Road was a Cage Match against Thorn, which he narrowly won. At Hollywood Road, Fantastic was one of the UKW Team that ended the invasion- eliminating Thorn with a Scorpion Lock.

WWE Universe soon came calling for Fantastic, and this is considered one of the main reasons UKW went into a sharp decline at the end of 2012.

Return to UKW: 2013 - presentEdit

Fantastic returned to UKW for the Second Anniversary Brawl Britannia, during the main event. He helped Rafe Daniels, Wroe and fellow surprise guests Ukralia fight off Spectrum- although Spectrum won the match. During the fight, he seemed to target Skorch- locking him in the Scorpion Lock before throttling him with his baseball bat.

He was the second person (after Daniels) to cut a promo after the match, denouncing Fortis as a leader and mocking Skorch as the "weakest link of a breaking chain." He went on to promise to help dismantle Spectrum by taking out it's weaker members, starting with Skorch.


Fantastic locks in a choke-hold on Daniels at a UKW house show.

Finishers & SignaturesEdit

  • Crucifix Powerbomb
  • Scorpion Lock
  • Home Run (choke-hold with Baseball Bat)