Jackie Pillman
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Jackie Pillman on OWF: On Air #6.
Vital statistics
Position Wrestler
Age 39
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 6'0"
Weight 305 lbs
Born Johnathon (Jack) Christian Pillman on November 29th, 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee. Pillman is best known for his work in OWF under his real name and in AAW under the ring name "Majesty." Pillman was the first and only Global Heavyweight Champion in OWF and is a one-time OWF Tag Team champion with Hank Keller. Prior to signing with OWF in 2012, Pillman was a one-time AAW champion and a six-time AAW intercontinental champion. Pillman also appeared in MLG for a period where he was a two-time MLG Tag Team champion with Looker Layton.

Finishing Moves

As Jackie Pillman:

The King's Throne (piledriver) (2012-2013)/(double underhook piledriver) (2013-present)

The King's Crown (diving double axehandle)

As Majesty

The Royal Crown (diving double axehandle)

Signature Moves

Belly-to-back suplex

Body slam


Elbow drop

Throwing dust into the eyes of an opponent

Multiple punches

Multiple weapon shots

Tag Teams and Stables

Majestic Looks

King Pillman and Hank Keller


"The King"